the martin design group

who we are 
and what we are about.

it's all about mission marketing . . .

Founded on the cornerstones of professionalism, creativity and customer service,
we build lasting partnerships with our clients and view their success as our mission.

creative talent . . .

Martin Design Group brings together the talents of many of Southwest Florida's marketing, design, video and digital arts professionals to one of the region’s most creative and mission-focused marketing companies.

mission marketing based . . .

Mission Marketing is at the very core of everything we do as a company as well as for our clients – allowing us to target goals then develop a systematic plan to meet those objectives - no exceptions.

~ failure is never an option. ~

custom project teams . . .

We assign an exceptional, talented team from writers, designers, programmers, and marketers to each project based on the client's goals – ensuring that the maximum results are achieved.

true value in marketing . . .

We strive to offer the best service and the greatest results for your hard-earned marketing dollar. You shouldn't have to pay more to receive less. Value is what you get from us. We believe that you will agree.

mission marketing . . .


miss•sion /miSHÉ™n/

in a military setting, a term meaning the pursuit of achieving the objective of an individual's or team's duty, aim or desired result.

the success of any mission is reliant upon FOUR things . . .

1]  specifically identifying the desired

       goals or objectives to be achieved

formulating the specific strategies  [2

 necessary to achieve each goal      

3]  arranging or creating the means

      required to achieve each objective

implementing, directing, and  [4
monitoring steps in proper sequence,      
then adapting the process as needed      
identifies the goals or objectives to be achieved
identifies the goals or objectives to be achieved